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Personalary - Personal 'Smart Mirror'

A personal signage dashboard web application using React and Express. This application is intended to run on a Raspberry Pi to be a beautiful 'smart mirror' or 'smart picture frame' and dashboard. (Work in Progress)
Tags: React, Typescript, Zod, Websockets, Express, Rx.js, react-query

RedCentral - Personal Dashboard

A personal dashboard web application using Svelte and Google Firebase. (Work in Progress)
Tags: Firebase, Svelte, Cloud Firestore, Dashboard, svelte-query

Raspberry PI based slow movie player

A 'smart' photo frame using an e-paper screen and Raspberri Pi to show a movie at a rate of 4 seconds of movie per hour.
Tags: Raspberry PI, BASH, Python

Advanced Shuffle for Spotify

Improved shuffle for Spotify. I was just not happy with Spotifys shuffle function, so I built one.
Tags: Javascript, React, Redux, react-query
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