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Jass Federal

Multiplayer swiss cardgame implementation playable on the phone, in the browser and on the smart TV.
Task: Frontend development of the game.
Client: Swisscom
Agency: Gbanga
Tags: Javascript, Phaser.js, Rx.js, Websockets, CSS Animation

RedBull - Summer Edition

Interactive storytelling with a huge zoomable game map, many hidden features and animations. Demo of the map without interactive elements in the link.
Task: Development of the game.
Client: Red Bull
Agency: Gbanga
Tags: Javascript, Leaflet.js, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, CSS Animation

Valyo’s digital financial market platform

Award winning digital market platform connecting institutional investors and issuers.
Task: Frontend development of the platform using React and GraphQL.
Client: Valyo AG
Agency: Infocentric / Valtech
Tags: Typescript, React.js, Apollo, GraphQL, Sass, CSS Animation


A new online presence for the swiss insurance company Swica.
Task: Frontend Development Lead for the relaunch of the website. Vue.js, jQuery and Handlebars frontend for a Sitecore environment.
Client: Swica
Agency: Valtech
Tags: Typescript, Vue.js, CSS, Handlebars

Wilder - Season 1 website

Accessory website to the successul SRF TV show 'Wilder'.
Task: Custom built map using D3js and jQuery. Google Firebase backend for user content.
Client: SRF
Agency: Clever Industries
Tags: Javascript, SVG, jQuery, D3js, Firebase
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