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Jass Federal

Gold Award at Best of Swiss Web 2021 in Innovation. Multiplayer swiss cardgame implementation playable on the phone, in the browser and on the smart TV.
Task: Frontend development of the game.
Client: Swisscom
Agency: Gbanga
Tags: Javascript, Phaser.js, Rx.js, Websockets, CSS Animation

RedBull - Summer Edition

Interactive storytelling with a huge zoomable game map, many hidden features and animations. Demo of the map without interactive elements in the link.
Task: Development of the game.
Client: Red Bull
Agency: Gbanga
Tags: Javascript, Leaflet.js, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, CSS Animation


A new online presence for the swiss insurance company Swica.
Task: Frontend Development Lead for the relaunch of the website. Vue.js, jQuery and Handlebars frontend for a Sitecore environment.
Client: Swica
Agency: Valtech
Tags: Typescript, Vue.js, CSS, Handlebars

Valyo’s digital financial market platform

Award winning digital market platform connecting institutional investors and issuers. Awarded with two times silver and one bronze at Best of Swiss Web 2021.

Task: Frontend development of the platform using React and GraphQL.
Client: Valyo AG
Agency: Infocentric / Valtech
Tags: Typescript, React.js, Apollo, GraphQL, Sass, CSS Animation

Wilder - Season 1 website

Accessory website to the successul SRF TV show 'Wilder'.
Task: Custom built map using D3js and jQuery. Google Firebase backend for user content.
Client: SRF
Agency: Clever Industries
Tags: Javascript, SVG, jQuery, D3js, Firebase
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